INMO hosts international speakers in campaign for safe nursing levels
Workforce Planning Symposium
The INMO is hosting a symposium on safe nurse staffing in Dublin on Thursday 13th September to discuss how best to tackle understaffing in the health service and the resulting overcrowding.
The event will hear from international speakers on enshrining minimum nursing levels in law, including:
The symposium comes after a record-busting August for overcrowding in Irish hospitals, where 8,000 people were forced to wait on trolleys for care. 
From Ireland, the conference will also hear from:
INMO Head of Education Steve Pitman, who will also be speaking at the symposium, said:
“Whether you talk to academics or patients, the message is clear: nurses save lives and are vital for a safe, cost-effective health service.
“We see dangerous understaffing and too many unfilled vacancies in hospitals across Ireland. This symposium will help make the case for why it’s so important that we get a properly staffed health service.”

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