Repayment of Technical Adjustment
Dear Colleagues, 
Over the summer months, the INMO’s Information Office and the regional offices have received a significant number of calls regarding letters received by members seeking repayment of technical adjustment. On foot of these notifications, the INMO contacted Corporate Employee Relations Services and National HR and a meeting was convened with HSE senior management and payroll in August 2018 to discuss the matter. It was reaffirmed that the principles agreed in 2004-2005 continue to apply as in the technical adjustment at that time could be recouped in a number of ways:
1. Technical adjustment cash value to be recouped on leaving; the gross pay value of the technical adjustment would be recouped on leaving. This does not include any provision for inflation and other increases. Or:
2. Technical adjustment to be recouped over several pay periods; the gross pay value of the technical adjustment can be recouped over a fixed number of pay periods.
At that time individuals would have received correspondence indicating the amount of the technical adjustment and offering them one of the above-mentioned options. Our advice to members is that if you receive a letter from payroll with regards to the repayment of technical adjustment, you should in the first instance:
1. Ensure that the technical adjustment amount reflects the technical adjustment amount that you were originally advised of in 2004-2005.
2. If you are not aware of what the amount was in 2004-2005 or you do not have any recall of the amount at that time, you can contact the payroll department directly and seek proof of the 2004-2005 figure. 
The HSE will provide the INMO with a clear explanation regarding the technical adjustments and the contact details of the various payroll departments which are dealing with the matter. 
There is no requirement on members to repay early and you can instead wait until you leave the service. 
Kind regards
Tony Fitzpatrick
Director of Industrial Relations

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