PHN Transfer Panel Update

To:  Public Health Nurses, Directors of Public Health Nursing and Assistant Directors of Public Health Nursing   
Re: PHN Transfer Panel 

Dear Colleagues, 

I trust this correspondence finds you well. As you are aware, the INMO balloted members with regards to the proposed changes to the public health nurse transfer panel. I wish to advise that the membership voted to accept the change by a margin of 94% in favour.  In line with same, panellists will receive an expression of interest notification solely for the geographical areas chosen. At this stage PHNs would have been contacted with regards to their geographical preferences. The posts will be offered to the highest ranking person on the geographical area panel who expressed an interest in the post. If the preferred geographical area is offered and refused, the PHN is moved to the bottom of the geographical area of choice panel and in all other cases, the individual remains on the panel. However, if a vacancy cannot be filled, by consulting the geographical area of choice panel, it will then be offered to the highest-ranking person on the overall panel who has expressed an interest in the post.  There are just over 200 PHNs on the transfer panel. Management have completed confirmation of the geographical preference for the existing transfer panel members. They have identified that there are 97 WTE vacancies as of March 2018, and a further 53 posts are approved with regards to bringing the student PHN intake in 2018 up to 150. This means that 150 posts will be offered to the PHN transfer panel based on the new arrangements. The 150 sponsorship places were secured by the INMO as part of the Recruitment and Retention Agreement 2017. The HSE has sought data through the CHOs with regards to the 53 additional posts and this was completed by the 30th of April 2018. An offer of transfer will be made regarding these posts to those on the transfer panel based on geographical preference. The advertisement for the 2018 Student PHN intake was be placed on the HSE website on the 2nd of May 2018.  

 There are significant vacancies within the Dublin region and a significant number of PHNs seeking a transfer out of Dublin into other geographical areas. These factors will impact on the release of PHNs based in Dublin. To that end, the INMO has sought a meeting with the HSE, which is due to take place on the 30th of May 2018. Clearly the staffing complement for each area needs further examination as there appears to be no weighting allowance in the WTE complement to facilitate annual leave, parental leave, maternity leave etc. Generally, in other settings the weighting would be between 20-24%. I would appreciate if Directors have any information on how their staffing compliment was established initially, they would share it with me. Thank you for your attention to the forgoing, Yours sincerely 
Tony Fitzpatrick
Acting Director of Industrial Relations 



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