Pay Restoration for INMO members who work in section 39 workplaces

Dear Colleagues,  

As you will be aware in early February 2108, the WRC proposed that the claim for pay restoration for union members in Section 39 organisations be progressed through a phased process. The first phase of the process envisaged the collection of data by the HSE to inform negotiations. The first phase of the process was due to conclude by the end of March 2018.

On the 5 April 2018, the unions received an update on the data gathering exercise from the HSE. The HSE confirmed that while a significant amount of data had been received from Section 39 organisations, it was not sufficient to allow for the preparation of the report as envisaged in the WRC proposal. They confirmed that a report would be available at the end of April 2018.

The unions have concluded that the completion of the data gathering exercise and the preparation of the report is an important part of the process. The unions are also anxious that the WRC convene a meeting in early May to allow for the consideration of the outcome of the data gathering exercise. The WRC have confirmed that the will facilitate a meeting at that time.

We will keep you informed of progress.

Kind regards

Tony Fitzpatrick
Director of Industrial Relations





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