INMO Welcome Health Commitments in National Development Plan

The Irish Nurses and Midwives welcomes the announcement of 2,600 additional acute hospital beds, 4,500 step-down/community beds, 3 new elective hospitals and an additional €10.9bn capital investment in the health sector, but sounded a note of caution that none of this can be realised without significant measures to recruit and retain nurses and midwives. 

Phil Ni Sheaghdha, INMO General Secretary, said “The commitment to 2,600 acute beds plus an addition 4,500 community beds is entirely dependent on significant reform of our health services.”

Pointing out that the Bed Capacity Report has already found that, based on our current health service provision, we are short 7,000 acute beds she said, “ Beds alone will not meet the demand and unless the pay and terms and conditions of nurses and midwives are properly addressed in the Public Service Pay Commission Report, the ability to attract and keep nurses and midwives in the Irish public health service will continue to be a major impediment to the delivery of appropriate safe care.”

The INMO are seeking early meetings with the Department of Health and the HSE to progress the health elements of the National Development Plan to discuss staffing implications for nurses and midwives.


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