Members Update 15 - 07.02.18
Opportunities to Reduce Working Hours to 37.5 as per the Public Sector Pay Agreement
Dear Member, 
As you will be aware, INMO members voted to accept the Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020 in September 2017.  
A provision of this agreement is that all public sector workers would have the opportunity to revert to their Pre Haddington Road hours. This option is available at the commencement and conclusion of the pay agreement.  This means that individuals may apply to revert to their Pre Haddington Road hours from January to April 2018 and January to April 2021. Public Service Stability Agreement states: 
2.12.1. It is the view of Government that increased productivity measures, including additional working hours, agreed by the Parties in the Haddington Road Agreement make a significant and ongoing contribution to a modern public service. 
2.12.2.  However, in recognition of particular work-life balance issues that may arise, it is agreed that an opportunity shall be offered between 1 January and 1 April 2018 and after the expiry of this Agreement (1 January to 1 April 2021) to permanently revert to the pre-Haddington Road Agreement hours. Any individuals exercising this option will have their pay reduced commensurately, in line with previous arrangements. The application of this arrangement at the sectoral level will depend on service delivery requirements and business needs. 
A circular has issued that will give effect to the above, please click here to view same.
Each application must be considered on a case by case basis and if you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the INMO. 
Thank you for your attention to this notice,
Yours sincerely
Tony Fitzpatrick
Acting Director of Industrial Relations

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