INMO Pre-Budget Submission for Budget 2018 29.09.17


Nurses and Midwives – Ensuring Future Healthcare, September 2017

The economic downturn of the last decade has negatively impacted on the ability of frontline staff, in particular, nurses and midwives, to deliver the highest quality care based on international evidence based practice. This negative impact has arisen from a misguided political perception that investment in healthcare services is a waste. 
This pre-budget submission, from the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), has been formulated in the context of the following:
(i) the improving state of the public finances;
(ii) the positive economic predictions for 2018;
(iii) the cross-party vision for future healthcare - the Sláintecare Report.
The government must use this budget to commence the implementation of the Sláintecare Report and commit itself to delivering upon the additional capital, and infrastructural, requirements in this report. 
In this pre-budget submission, the INMO will argue that our public finances now allow for the following:
  • the reversal of the mass emigration of Irish trained nurses/midwives to other countries;
  • the recruitment & retention of all graduating nurses/midwives in tandem with the retention of all clinically experienced nurses/midwives in the public health service;
  • increasing our bed capacity to that identified by the Health Strategy, first published in 2001, and in line with the OECD average; and
  • delivering upon the Primary Health Care Strategy first published in 2001;
with all of this progressed by the implementation of the Sláintecare Report, from the Committee on the Future of Healthcare, which has cross party support.


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