HSE Agency Changes
Dear Colleague
Members working in the HSE and agency nurse members will have been notified that the HSE have changed the arrangements re agency supply and the new system is due to commence on the first of September 2017. 

Consultation did not take place with INMO or any other trade unions in respect of this development, and we were only made aware of it when members contacted the organisation for advice in respect of the implication of these changes for members in the last number of weeks. 
The INMO contacted the HSE and sought a meeting, which is scheduled to take place today at 4.30 pm but in the meantime; 
• The matters of concern were raised at the Health Sector Oversight Body meeting which took place in the Department of Health yesterday, 30th of August 2017. At this meeting, the INMO requested a delay of two weeks of the go live date to allow full negotiation and consultation. The HSE representative present at this meeting was unable to confirm that this could be granted due to contracts signed with various agencies. The INMO advised the employer that we believe that the new arrangements may interfere with service provision, and we have also clearly informed the employer that our members cannot accept responsibility for any negative impact on service provision or any adverse incidents which arise from or are associated with the implementation of these arrangements.
• We have today written to all Directors of Nursing and Midwifery advising them in respect of their entitlement to put patient safety concerns ahead of bureaucratic, non-practical booking rules in the event that that is necessary. Please click here to view this letter.
The INMO will attend this meeting this afternoon which is being held with the Procurement Office of the HSE and HR and further updates will issue tomorrow.
If you have any difficulty or issues, please contact your Industrial Relations Officer.
Is Mise
Phil Ni Sheaghdha
Director of Industrial Relations

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