Re-Instatement of Time and One Sixth for Hours Worked between 6-8 pm 18.07.17

Social Care Sector of the HSE


Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware, the payment of time and one sixth for nurses who work between 6 and 8 pm has been restored in the acute hospital division. This restoration took place as a result of the nursing/medical interface agreement which saw the sharing of four tasks between nursing/midwifery staff and medical staff. These four tasks are:


The INMO sought to engage with the HSE in respect of sectors outside of the acute hospital division. The four tasks that applied in the acute sector do not automatically apply in care of the elderly or the ID services. Therefore, it was necessary to broaden the list to include other tasks that might have more relevance for the sector involved.

Following INMO engagement with the HSE on this issue, the INMO can confirm that a similar framework is in place for the development of the expansion of the role of the nurse in services outside of the acute hospital division, in accordance with the agreement set out in both the Haddington Road Agreement and the Lansdowne Road Agreement.

In Care of the Elderly sector, four tasks are to be undertaken from a list of seven*, the menu of tasks is as follows:

*Note: if some of these tasks on this list are already being processed and undertaken, then they count toward the total of four required.

In the Social Care/Disability Sector, any four of the following nine tasks* can be considered: these are:

*Note: if some of these tasks on this list are already being processed and undertaken, then they count toward the total of four required.

Only four of the tasks are required to be undertaken and it is not necessary for every nurse to undertake the four tasks, the agreement requires that these tasks are undertaken by nursing staff, this can be done by the creation of a specialist post or indeed by a small number concentrating on one of the four tasks and becoming expert in this specific task.

Please click here for full details on the above.

 Next steps

The next steps are that local implementation groups have now been put in place, INMO members should be involved at that stage. INMO full time officials will also be involved at the implementation group meetings.

Re-instatement of the Premium Pay

Having considered all of these matters, the independent Chairman was asked to adjudicate on specific re-instatement of the premium pay that was removed in 2013.  Following consideration by the independent arbitrator, a binding recommendation has issued; retrospection will apply for a period of 10 months from the commencement date, which mirrors what happened in the acute hospital division. Therefore, retrospection will be paid back to 01st September 2016.

The circular that will enact this process has been issued today by the HSE which enables this process to commence. You can view a copy of the circular here.

INMO section offices have been fully briefed and circulated with this information, however, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the INMO Official with responsibility for your area.  

Thanking you


Phil Ni Sheaghdha  
Director of Industrial Relations


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