Public Service Pay Negotiations

Today was another extraordinary day, first on a positive note the report on the future of healthcare in Ireland issued with many positive messages. In less glorious terms the continually slow pace of negotiations remains a significant frustration, with two further plenary engagements with the management side.
The first considered the need for further developments in the area of family friendly working policies. This essentially sought improved implementation of flexitime, term time, job sharing and part time work initiatives. For our part the INMO argued for equality proofing of any agreement, and in particular we emphasised the need to consider the position of those with caring responsibilities, and a need to address the position of those forced into reducing their hours arising from illness or injury at work.
Management again attempted to raise the issue of rostering and shift premium payments. All sectors responded indicating their disagreement with the position of management, and the INMO made clear that we have established rosters, established procedures to review rosters where necessary and established procedures for the payment of shift premia, all of which are effective and not up for negotiation.
There is little to report in terms of progress, we remain in a circling pattern awaiting concrete proposals from management on the key issues, and it is far from clear how matters will progress.


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