Measurement of All Hours Worked Pilot Project 23.05.17

23rd May 2017

Dear Member, 

Over the past number of months, the INMO and other nursing unions have been in discussions with HSE Management regarding hours that are regularly worked by nurses, over and above contracted hours that are not recorded as hours worked for break and annual leave entitlement. This process was undertaken as referenced in the Chairman’s note following the Lansdowne Road Agreement. This process had a number of steps:

 1.      Step one was for HSE management, INMO and other nursing unions to agree on the definition of what constitutes working time. The definition agreed on is as follows:

 Working Time - All time that an employee is required to be physically present at his/her place of work and is available to undertake his/her activities or is carrying out his/her duties as required by the employer. (Working time may also include periods of inactivity where the employee is required to remain available at place of work to the employer in order to be able, at the place of work in case of need, to provide appropriate services) - Organisation of Working Time Act 1997.

2.      Once this definition was agreed, a template that would capture and record all hours of work that were actually worked per rostered shift was drafted and agreed.  Please click here to view the template that includes the definition of working time as agreed.

3.      The next step was to select pilot sites for this project, and to ensure that this pilot project would be rolled out across all areas of the health service, the acute sector (including maternity services), primary and social care sector (PHN/CRGN/RNID). The following site were selected to participate in the pilot programme:

4.      As this pilot project is now due to commence at the end of May 2017 and to further aid this process, local measurement groups will now be set up, to include nursing/midwifery representatives from the selected wards along with relevant trade union officials. The aim of these groups is to manage the promote and oversee progress/identify areas of concern with the pilot project and compile a report that will then be forwarded to the relevant parties in the HSE. Please note that not all wards or units will be required to participate in the pilot at this stage.  It is suggested that two wards and theatre or specialist unit within the Acute Hospital setting and particular units, areas in Community and ID and Care of Elderly. 

5.      A explanatory note has been developed by the HSE to provide guidance to the local measurement team and assist in the process. Please click here to view HSE’s explanatory note. Issues around the collection of the forms should be addressed to the local measurement groups. Weekly reports/templates will be forwarded by the local management group to HSE management. INMO and other nursing unions with meet with management to discuss and evaluate progress/areas of concern at a national level.

6.      At the end of the pilot project, all feedback from the local measurement groups, HSE management, INMO and other nursing unions will feed into a national implementation plan to manage the roll out of this template nationwide.
Should you require any further information, please contact your Industrial Relations Officer or the local measurement group if you are employed in one of the pilot sites.

Thank you for your attention to this update.

Yours sincerely

Phil Ni Sheaghda,
Director of Industrial Relations, 
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