New Educational Grant for INMO Members

06 July 2016

Dear Colleague,

Delegates at our recent annual delegate conference accepted a new initiative, put forward by the Executive Council, with regard to the introduction of a new Educational Grant facility for members pursuing IR/HR courses.

In that regard I now attach, to this note, a notice announcing this new initiative giving an outline of the criteria for the new scheme.

I would be most grateful if you would photocopy this notice and circulate it, together with displaying on noticeboards in hospitals, so it is brought to the attention of members in your workplace.

In addition if you have any member, or indeed you are interested in learning more yourself, please refer any enquiries to my office - or call (01) 664.626

Thank you, in advance, for your co-operation in bringing this new, exciting initiative, to the attention of members.

With kind regards

Yours sincerely

General Secretary 

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