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Wednesday, 17th February 2016

Dear Member

The INMO, as an Organisation, constantly strives to promote and protect the welfare of members, in all matters related to their employment, pay and working conditions, while also promoting the objectives of justice, equity and equality.

To further these aims, it is necessary that we maintain constant contact with our membership through meetings in local workplaces, our branch/section structure, and also our Annual Delegate Conference.  It is through these structures that the true democracy of the INMO is reflected and this, in turn, shapes and influences all our work and activity.  In addition, we communicate with members through email, text messaging, posted circulars, the World of Irish Nursing and Midwifery magazine, and through social media fora to further facilitate focused professional debate on matters of mutual interest.

Maintaining this contact is extremely important and we always welcome the views of members in relation to all matters relevant to the work of the Organisation.  It is only through members talking with us that we can continue to work to protect, defend and advance the pay and working conditions of nurses and midwives and assist with ongoing professional development.

It is therefore essential that we hear the views of members both when they are satisfied, and when they are not satisfied, with our work.  We fully encourage, and respect, the rights of our members to freely express their opinions, and the facts upon which they are based, relating to the work of the Organisation.

However, it is also the policy of this Organisation that all nurses and midwives, and the staff of the Organisation, must be treated with respect, at all times, in all communications.  While recognising, and fundamentally respecting, both the right, and duty, of members to tell us their opinions, it is not acceptable that any member, or staff of the Organisation, would be subject to abuse, in any form, including in on-line social media fora.  Constructive, open, debate is always worthwhile.  However personal abuse serves no good and is only destructive while also being unprofessional.

It must also be remembered that, as an Organisation made up of registered professionals, all of us are bound by the NMBI Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Nurses and Registered Midwives.  This Code requires that all registrants should be aware of their professional responsibilities, when using social media, and the Code is further supported by the NMBI Guidance to Nurses & Midwives on Social Media & Networking.  

In this context social media fora offer a powerful medium to communicate the message of our Organisation, and to receive the full views of our members, and we welcome members communicating with us through social media.  However social media, and other communications fora, must not be used in a manner which is abusive to members, or to the employees, of the Organisation.

The INMO will continue to do everything, within our collective power, to promote and protect the welfare of the members in all matters relating to their employment, pay and working conditions.  We will continue to communicate with, and listen to, our members, using whatever medium our members choose.  

In doing so we commit to be respectful of the rights of each individual we communicate with, in accordance with the ethos of our Organisation, and the requirements of the Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics for Registered Nurses & Midwives.  In return we ask, and expect, that all members will do likewise showing respect to fellow members, and employees, of the INMO, when expressing their views about the work of the Organisation.

Yours sincerely

CLAIRE MAHON                       

1st Vice President           

2nd Vice President  

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