Current Issues - 18.09.15
News Update 1 
Dear Member
In view of developments, in relation to important issues, I would like to advise you of the following:
1. Lansdowne Road Agreement
As you are aware members in the INMO, following the recent national ballot, voted to accept the Lansdowne Road Agreement by a margin of 71% to 29%.
At a meeting, last Wednesday, 16th September 2015, the Public Services Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU), of which the INMO is a member, voted, by a very large majority, to also accept the Lansdowne Road Agreement.
This Agreement comes into existence, immediately, and details, with regard to pay and other elements now arising, are covered, in detail, in the next edition of the World of Irish Nursing and Midwifery magazine.  Members can also find details, of the agreement on the INMO website (
2. Emergency Department Overcrowding
As we all know overcrowding, in hospital Emergency Departments, continues to increase resulting in patient care being compromised, frontline members being overworked and, increasingly, their health and well-being being negatively affected.
Earlier this week, following a meeting of the ED Taskforce Implementation Group requested by the INMO, the Minister and the HSE announced the opening of 300 additional acute beds in some hospitals across the country.  In response to this, while welcoming the commitment to additional beds, the INMO has pointed out that management cannot staff existing services so the opening of any additional beds can only happen when significant additional numbers of nursing staff are recruited.
In view of the current situation the Executive Council has decided to convene a national meeting, of our Emergency Department nurse representatives, for Monday, 5th October 2015, here in head office.  This meeting will consider the following:
1. An assessment of whether the measures announced this week, including 300 additional beds, will be sufficient to alleviate the situation.
2. The failure of management, both locally and nationally, to address the staffing crisis and, despite commitments, to deliver additional nursing staff in ED, and other departments, over the past number of months.
3. The over use of the Full Capacity Protocol which has seen, in a number of hospitals, additional patients placed upon in-patient wards on a daily basis without any hospital wide response.
4. To assess the increasing evidence that continuous overcrowding is proving detrimental to the health and well-being of nursing staff with increasing levels of burnout.
5. To determine, in light of the evaluation of all of the foregoing, what actions the Organisation will take, at individual hospital level, to protect both patients and the health and well-being of staff as we enter the winter period.
The Organisation has also invited the Minister for Health, Mr. Leo Varadkar TD, to attend this meeting so that he can engage, directly, with frontline staff and hear their views on the current crisis.  It is expected that the Minister will accept this invitation and attend this meeting.
The INMO Executive Council is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, 6th October 2015 to receive feedback from this meeting, and to initiate/sanction whatever actions our representatives, from ED, believe is required to protect them and patients.
3. RNID Section - Campaign for Excellence
The INMO’s RNID Section launched, earlier this week, a Campaign for Excellence in our Intellectual Disability Services.  The objectives of this campaign, together with the various strands being initiated, can be found here... , all members are asked to support this initiative.
In particular I wish to draw members’ attention to the protest, outside Dail Eireann, on next Tuesday, 22nd September 2015, commencing at 1.00 p.m.
This is to highlight the current issues, engage with all TDs/Senators on the matter and your support would be greatly appreciated.
4. Staffing / Recruitment / Retention
The Organisation is acutely aware that a major issue, for all members, at this time is very poor staffing levels and the inability to recruit/retain nurses and midwives. 
In that regard we continue to actively engage, both locally and nationally, on the following:
These issues remain an absolute priority, at this time, and members will be kept fully appraised of all developments in relation to same.
These are just some of the very important issues the INMO is involved in at this time.  If any member wants further information, in relation to any, or all, of these issues, or has a query concerning matters in their own work place, they should contact the Organisation immediately.
Further updates will issue in the coming weeks to ensure members are kept fully appraised on all of these important matters.
Thank you for your attention to this note.
Yours sincerely
General Secretary

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