UK Recruitment Campaign.

28 July 2015

Dear Colleagues,

In reference to the HSE’s recent announcement on recruitment of Nurse and Midwives, the INMO Executive Council have, as you are aware, not endorsed this campaign as they do not believe it is sufficient to attract the numbers of nurses/midwives that are now required in the Irish health service.  

Furthermore, the INMO Executive Council  have concerns in respect of the current status of some nurses/ midwives already working in the Irish health service, i.e. temporary status and fixed term contracts.  With a view to seeking clarification on same, the attached letter has today been issued to the Director of HR with the HSE and his response will be circulated to you when received.

We have also sought this information directly from Directors of Nursing/Midwifery in locations where temporary and fixed term contracts still exist.

In respect of post graduate education, we have also sought assurances in respect of equity for those who currently work in the system.

If you are currently in a fixed term contract or temporary position, I would be grateful if you could identify this to our Industrial Relations Officers who seeking to collate this information at local level.  

Thanking you for your attention to this note,

Is misé
Phil Ni Sheaghdha
Director of Industrial Relations  

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