Regularisation Of Acting.

28 July 2015

Dear colleagues,

As you are aware, as part of the Haddington Road Agreement, a regularisation process for those acting in higher posts for two years in December 2012 was agreed.

While most of the regularisation has now been completed, a number of posts were not deemed suitable for regularisation by the HSE or indeed a decision on whether or not they should be regularised was not made.

With a view to reaching a conclusion on this, the Staff Panel of Health Service Unions, including the INMO, sought the establishment of an appeals process in respect of aggrieved staff members who did not obtain regularisation under Circular 17/2013.

This process has now been agreed and an independent party, Mr John Doherty former member of the Labour Court, will be arbitrator in relation to these cases.  

Access to the appeals procedure is restricted to staff who: -

These cases will now be heard by Mr John Doherty and the closing date for application to have the case heard is Friday, 21 August 2015.

It is now very important that you contact your INMO Industrial Relations Officer with a view to having your application submitted if you fit the criteria outlined above.

The IROs will advise you in respect of the process but the important point is to make sure that submission on your behalf is made prior to 21 August 2015.  

Thanking you for your attention to this note,

Is mise
Phil Ni Sheaghdha
Director of Industrial Relations  





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