Attn Student Members - Pay for Qualified Nurses & Midwives Awaiting Registration. 30.04.15

Date    30 April 2015
To:    Student Nurse/Midwife Members
CC:    Industrial Relations Officers, Management Team and Information Office
From:    Phil Ni Sheaghdha, Director of Industrial Relations
Re:    Labour Court Recommendation (attached)

Dear Colleagues

As you are aware the INMO together with other nursing unions pursued two claims to the Labour Court regarding the pay for qualified nurses awaiting registration and pay rates for the 36 weeks placement. The Labour Court has issued its recommendation and it states the following:

1.    In respect of the rate of pay for student nurses, the Labour Court has made no findings on the merits of the substantive issues before it. What this means is that the court is not making comment on the circumstances of how the reduction to pay came about. However, the court is stating that the next round of public service talks is an appropriate forum in which a discussion around this matter between the unions, the employer (the HSE/Department of Health) and the government should take place. We welcome this and have written to the Public Service Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions placing this matter on the agenda for the next round of talks, due to commence this month.

2.    In respect of the pay for qualified nurses awaiting registration, our argument, as you recall, is that a rate was set without concluding the discussions in respect of the issues at hand. What the Labour Court have now said, is that the employer has to engage formally with the trade unions to discuss the appropriate rate and that these matters should be discussed at the Labour Relations Commission if necessary. This is also welcome and the unions will pursue the implementation of this recommendation as a matter of priority.

As you may also be aware, the matter of the restoration of incremental credit for the 36 weeks work placement in fourth year, is the subject of a Labour Court hearing on Friday 8th May 2015. Obviously, any student who wishes to come to this hearing or indeed any graduate that has been affected since 2011 is welcome to attend with us. Please make contact with Mr Dean Flanagan, INMO’s Student Officer, on 01 6640626 in respect of same.

Thanking you for your attention to this notice,

Is Mise
Phil Ni Sheaghdha,
Director of Industrial Relations

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