Transfer panel for Public Health Nurses.

Date 13th August 2015

14th August 2015

Dear Member,

As you are aware the INMO continues to represent in respect of the two issues outlined above.

1. Release difficulties / Transfer panel

The INMO met with HSE management Tuesday, 11th of August seeking to progress release arrangement for those who had been offered transfers. The HSE confirm that they are endeavouring to establish release and transfer dates for all those who have been offered transfers but have not secured release as yet. It is confirmed that the LRC agreement of the 4th of August 2015 still stands. In Addition the INMO have sought that the following steps are now taken to secure release dates for all those who have been offered transfers;

A. Any offers and acceptance of transfers must action the next step which is:
B. The HSE must examine the current transfer list, to establish if they have candidates who have requested a transfer preference to the location which will be vacant post release of the individual offered a transfer as outlined a point A above. This exercise should be undertaken by HBS HR and the manager in the releasing CHO area must then be notified of the availability of a replacement from the transfer panel on release of the public health nurse transferring from their location. This should then action the next step which must be :
C. HBS should then offer an indicative transfer to the panelled person and if accepted both the person in category A and B can be issued with indicative dates for transfer.
D. In the event that they are no candidates on the transfer panel to action step B, the current group of graduating public health nurses, must be considered for allocation to these areas to facilitate transfers and service requirements.

The INMO have sought that the HSE commit to completing steps A, B and C prior to prior to the scheduled meeting of the LRC in September 2015 which has been arranged to deal with placement for 2015 PHN graduates and matters arising.In the meantime, all public health nurses who have been offered and have accepted a transfer should continue with the assistance of the INMO IRO to seek release locally from their current location. The INMO nationally will seek the implementation of the above set of steps to bring about an indicative date of transfer which should be known prior to the Labour Relations Commission hearing in September.

In the meantime, as per the 4th of August Labour Relations Commission commitment by the employer, all transfer offers will stand until such time as all of this process has been fully exhausted. The INMO is due to meet the HSE on this issue again on the first week of September.

2. Graduate Public Health Nurse Placement

As notified separately to 2015 graduates, the HSE cancelled the scheduled LRC of the 12th of August as they have not, as yet, identified vacancies to accommodate the group. The HSE expect to have greater clarity and more information on this issue at the beginning of September.The LRC have confirmed that they are available for a conciliation conference on this matter on the 15th of September 2015 at 14.30pm. The INMO have accepted this date, as have the HSE.The HSE have committed to having the information that is required on that date in order to make progress in respect of placement of the 2015 graduating public health nurses. In the meantime, the commitment that all 2015 graduates remain in their currently locations until the 1st of November still stands. It is also confirmed that from the date of registration as a PHN, the appropriate PHN salary will apply. Two Representatives of each of the three student groups are again requested to make arrangements to attend the LRC with the INMO on the 15th of September , I would be grateful if you could confirm your availability to attend, with Jude in my office (

Thanking you for your attention to this note.

Is Mise
Phil Ni Sheaghdha,Director of Industrial Relations


Date 31 July 2015 – Update 4  - Transfer panel for Public Health Nurses.

Dear Colleague,

As you are aware, the INMO continues to represent in respect of implementation of the transfer panel and placement of graduating PHNs in 2015.

A meeting was held with the HSE on Wednesday, 29 July, in the Labour Relations Commission, however, formal conciliation did not take place.  The outcome of this meeting is set out as follows.

It is now agreed by the HSE that: -

1. Transfer offers should stand and all efforts will be made to facilitate release of PHN’s from current posts;

2. The aim is to have an indicative date for transfer by 11th August 2015. (HSE and INMO will meet that day);

3. The LRC Agreement of 23rd July 2014 and provisions for 2014 graduates will be honoured and facilitated prior to placement of 2015 and 2016 graduates;

4. Conciliation will take place at the LRC at 10.30 am on 12th August 2015 in respect of the placement of 2015 graduates.   

The INMO now advises that those who have been offered transfer and have accepted that transfer, should continue to seek release locally and on 11 August we will have a further update nationally.  It is important to note that no further offers will be made until these matters have been resolved.

Student PHN qualifying 2015

In respect of student placement, the HSE have are still not in a position to finalise the number of places or the locations.
The INMO has sought a conciliation conference on this matter and it is agreed that it will take place on 12 August.  I now request that two representatives from each class in Galway, Cork and Dublin be available to attend this conciliation conference with us, if at all possible.  If this is not suitable due to annual leave, etc., the INMO will represent the issues and revert to the group.  It is likely to be the first of a number of conciliation conferences and I do not expect all matters to be dealt with or completed on the 12th.  

If you have any queries in respect of this, or any other issues, please contact your local Industrial Relations Officer.

Thanking you for your attention to this note,

Is mise

Phil Ni Sheaghdha
Director of Industrial Relations 

01 July 2015

TO: Current PHN’s Students PHN’s & Qualified PHN’s

CC: Directors of Public Health Nursing & Assistant Directors of Nursing    

FROM: Phil Ni Sheaghdha (Director of Industrial Relations)

RE: Transfer Panel

Dear Colleagues,

Further to my previous memo dated 30th April, I confirm that a meeting did take place today, the 1st July with the HSE in respect of placement of students post qualification.

The INMO was very disappointed with the information available from the HSE, and it clear that there is no proposal available in respect of placement of the current qualifying group of public health nurse students as yet.

The INMO reinforced that the current group of students, 102 in total, have contractual entitlements to permanent posts on qualification.  The HSE accept this, but state that they do not have locations or a proposal in respect of location for placement as yet.  We confirm that they will, advise the INMO in writing by Friday the 10th July, of their proposal in this regard.  The INMO confirmed that we would review that proposal, consult with our members and revert accordingly, in the meantime, it was confirmed today that the transfer panel is operational, but there are some technical delays in respect of start dates for 11 of those who have been offered transfer, but this does not mean that the transfer will not go ahead.  Start dates have been issued to eight, therefore 19 offers have been accepted, since the transfer panel opened and commenced in the first of April 2015.

Priorities remain and those that worked in Dublin under protest from the 2014 graduate class, and there are four of that group remaining in Dublin to-date, all others remain on the transfer panel in accordance with the agreement included those who are working in regional locations, outside of Dublin in temporary posts, as Community General Nurses, and will be offered posts arising in accordance with the transfer panel rules.  Following the proposal from the HSE on the 10th July, a further memo will issue, and in the meantime please make your colleagues aware of this correspondence, and that further up-dates will issue in due course.  

The INMO has requested that Directors of Public Health Nursing be involved in this dialogue at national level, as there are none on management side of the discussion and we believe that this is a requirement in order to have a co-ordinated approach to the placement of graduate public health nurses, particularly in light of commitments given to 2014 graduates, and those on the transfer panel.  

Thanking you for your attention to this note.

Yours sincerely,

Phil Ni Sheaghdha
Director of Industrial Relations 

Update - Transfer panel for Public Health Nurses

INMO is  happy to confirm the circular giving effect to the negotiated transfer panel is now issued by the HSE

HSE HR Circular 009-2015 - Public Health Nurse Transfer Policy

LRC settlement proposals-PHNs 23rd July 2014

PHN Transfer Policy April 2015

Date: 31 March 2015    
To:  PHNs, Assistant Directors and Directors of Public Health Nursing and Student Public Health Nurses
From:  Phil Ni Sheaghdha, Director of Industrial Relations
Re: Transfer panel for Public Health Nurses

Dear Colleagues

Further to our recent meetings and ballot on the proposals for a transfer panel for public health nursing, I advise as follows:

1.  The outcome of the PHN ballot is that 99% voted in favour of the proposals for the transfer panel as set out. We have notified management of the result and they will now in the next week, notify all eligible PHNs of the application process. The commencement date, 1st April 2015 for the launch of the PHN transfer panel is still intact, however, the formal notification of the opening of the transfer panel will be notified at a later date, as the mechanisms are not in place at the HSE as yet. We will be notified of the opening date and will advise members of same via our website.

2.  The INMO have notified management that there are matters arising from the implementation of the circular to recruit and train public health nurses, commencing in September 2015, particularly the interface with current students and the transfer panel.

3.  We have sought a confirmation that Directors of Public Health nursing are fully briefed in respect of all aspects of the transfer panel, the new circular and how the scheduling of clinical places are reconciled with the current group who are training, the group to be recruited and those awaiting transfer.

An information meeting with the Directors of Public Health Nursing has been agreed and will take place, jointly between the HSE and the INMO on Thursday 2nd April 2015, setting out the conditions attaching to the new circular of training for public health nurses, the transfer panel and possible outcomes of discussions relating to the current group which are to commence in May.

Any developments in respect of these matters will be notified to you following on from this meeting. Thank you for your attention to this note.

Is Míse
Phil Ni Sheaghdha,
Director of Industrial Relations

Date: 04 March 2015

To: INMO members PHN Grades, PHN Class of 2013/2014 and Student Public Health Nurses (INMO Members) studying in UCD, Galway University Hospital and University College Cork.

From: Phil Ni Sheaghdha, Director of Industrial Relations

Re:Transfer panel for Public Health Nurses

Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware and as previously notified to you we are currently in the process of negotiating proposals on a transfer panel for Public Health Nurses.

Matters outstanding from the LRC agreement of 2014 relating to assimilation on to this panel are also the subject of these discussions.  We anticipate that these negotiations will be concluded on 9th March 2015.

A final meeting has been arranged for 9th March 2015 at which time proposals will then be ready for consideration by INMO members.

The following meetings have been arranged for PHN Grades (including PHNs who qualified in 2014 and student PHNs currently in college) to brief INMO members on the issues and to ballot members in respect of the proposals:




Meeting Location

Tuesday, 10th March 2015

5 pm – 6.30 pm

Clayton Hotel, Galway.

Thursday, 12th March 2015

5 pm – 6.30 pm

Castletroy Park Hotel, Dublin Road, Limerick.

Saturday, 21h March 2015

(PRN section)

11.00 am – 1.00 pm

INMO HQ, Whitworth Building, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7.

Monday, 23rd March 2015

5 pm – 6.30 pm

INMO Cork Office, Sheraton House, Hartland’s Avenue, Glasheen, Cork.

Tuesday 24th March 2015

5.30pm – 7.00 pm

INMO HQ, Whitworth Building, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7.

Is Mise

Phil Ni Sheaghdha,

Director of Industrial Relations





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