Q. How is my sick leave calculated over the four year period?
To calculate the level of paid sick leave that may be awarded a “dual look back” over the employee’s sick leave record is undertaken. 
First “look back”: when a nurse/midwife commences a period of sick leave his/her sick leave record is reviewed over the previous 4 years to determine if sick pay may be paid. Where the total number of sick absences is 183 days or more there is no entitlement to either full or half pay but there may be entitlement to TRR.
Second “look back”: where the total number of sick absences is less than 183 days there may be an entitlement to either full or half pay. The sick leave record over the previous 12 months is reviewed to see if the nurse/midwife had less than 92 days sick leave with full pay during that period.  If she/he had less than 92 days, then full pay may be payable until a limit of 92 days is reached following which pay may be at half pay or TRR whichever is appropriate.
In the case of Critical Illness, the overall limit is 365 days in a rolling 4-year period and 183 days in a rolling 12-month period.

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