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Q. What are the pay arrangements in respect of acting up?

From the 1st October 2013, there will be no payment for any temporary appointment which covers annual leave, sick leave, special or other leave, or to allow for the completion of a recruitment process, or the appointment from a panel, following a retirement or resignation.  Staff will be expected to take on the role and responsibility of the higher post for such periods, provided this period does not exceed three months.

Where there is prior knowledge that the period will be in excess of three months, and the employer has deemed there to be a requirement to fill the post, a temporary appointment to the post will be made from the first day of absence with appropriate remuneration.  Where an appointment was envisaged as concluding within three months but subsequently exceeds the period, and where no temporary appointment has been made, appointment will be made on a temporary basis retrospective to the first day of absence.

Pay and assimilation arrangements for such appointments are to be the same as those applying to employees who have been permanently appointed.



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