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Editorial - Pink Power in fight against cancer

I feel safe in saying that everyone who is reading this month’s WIN will have had their lives touched in some way by cancer. Whether it be a personal experience, a loved one, a family friend or a work colleague, all of us will know the stress, concern and anxiety in dealing with, and hopefully beating, this disease.

It was against this background that the INMO – together with our partners in this initiative, Cornmarket, the Mater Private Hospital and Irish Life – decided to set up the Pink Power campaign, which was launched recently (see page 15).

The Pink Power initiative allows every INMO member who holds an income continuance policy to have access to a free initial breast examination in a number of locations across the country. If necessary, follow up diagnostic tests in the Mater Private Hospital, Dublin will also be provided. Should further treatment be necessary, this initiative will also cater for that, either in the Mater Hospital complexes or, if the member prefers, in their regional centre of excellence.

Our male members will benefit from our Blue Power initiative, as they can attend for the required diagnostic test to screen for prostate and testicular cancer.

This new campaign, which is the first of its kind to be provided by any trade union in this country for its members, is totally dedicated to assist in the never ending battle against breast and other cancers. The reality is that one in nine females will be diagnosed with breast cancer and around 650 women die from the disease annually.

However, it is also a fact that, as we all know only too well, early diagnosis leads to better outcomes and that is why the Pink Power initiative has been brought forward and will be rolled out across the country in the coming months.

From a clinical perspective, the initiative will be provided by the Mater Private Hospital through its expert clinical staff (both nursing and medical). We are confident that the process has been stress tested to ensure that it is of the highest standard.

Our immediate challenge is to ensure that every eligible INMO member attends their local initial appointment when invited. The Pink Power initiative is open to all eligible members, both over and under 50 years, notwithstanding the fact that there is a national BreastCheck service for every woman over 50 years.

The whole emphasis now with regard to healthcare is about maintaining good health rather than treating ill health. For this policy to be successful we must encourage healthy lifestyles, early screening and prompt intervention. The Pink Power initiative is fully consistent with this positive approach.

The INMO is confident that the campaign will be hugely successful and may, ultimately, change people’s lives through early detection, intervention, treatment and recovery.

The Organisation would like to thank our partners in the project. We have always wanted to provide these health prevention/ promotion services to members and it would not be possible without the resources, commitment and clinical knowledge that these partners have brought to the whole process.

The Pink Power initiative is coming to a region near you. I sincerely ask that every eligible member avails of this new free service.

This is about your health and when all is said and done, good health remains a priceless thing. The INMO is proud to bring this new service to its eligible members.

Liam Doran
General Secretary, INMO

Editorial - Pink Power in fight against cancer
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