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Editorial - A new name for a new era

It is my great pleasure and honour to inform you that, with effect from the January 1, 2010, you are now a member of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation.

You are still a member of the fastest growing professional trade union in this country. You are also a member of the Organisation that has the best range of targeted services as we continually strive to meet the needs of our 43,000 strong membership. The decision to change the name from the Irish Nurses Organisation was taken for three specific reasons.

The first reason is that later this year, the Oireachtas will pass into law the Nurses and Midwives Act which will repeal, and take over, from the Nurses Act of 1985. This is the first time that in a piece of primary legislation the separate and distinct professions of nursing and midwifery will be legally, and overtly, recognised in law. In view of this, it was necessary to reflect, in the Organisation’s name and structures, the legal realities of the new legislation so that we can continue to advocate for both of these tremendous professions.

The second reason for the necessity of the name change is the simple fact that later this year this country will, for the first time, see the graduation of the first class of direct entry midwives. This means that we will have registered midwives with an honours degree working in this country who are not registered nurses in the first instance. This very welcome change means that this Organisation must reflect, in its name, rules and structures, the fact that we will have members in clinical practice who are not nurses.

The third reason for the name change is that the Organisation wishes to acknowledge, after years of lobbying and effort, the request from our long-standing midwife members in the Midwifery Section, that the Organisation would, of its own volition, recognise and acknowledge the separate distinct profession of midwifery.

So, at the end of our 90th year and all of its celebrations, this Organisation has once again, reflecting its willingness to constantly change, grow and develop, changed its name to reflect the new dynamic within which we find ourselves as we enter 2010. In tandem with this name change, we have taken the opportunity to create a new, more modern, logo and motto for this great Organisation. We very much hope that all members will like the clean, fresh dynamic new logo which will now appear on all INMO documentation and publications.

In particular, we hope that all members will like the simple, inclusive but inspiring motto for the INMO, namely “working together”. This was chosen to once again convey the essence of what the new Organisation will continually strive to do which is bring nurses and midwife members, and staff and all members together, every day, to develop and deliver upon our shared goals and objectives.

Therefore, this is a new name, a new era and a new image for an Organisation that has rock solid foundations and credentials that span over 90 years. We hope you are happy with the new name, and the direction we are setting for the years ahead.

This change is taking place at arguably the most challenging time for public servants and public services, in the history of the state. Working together, we will overcome these difficulties, working together, we will safeguard our members’ interests and working together, we will ensure nursing and midwifery continues to be a valued profession, delivering world class care to the people of Ireland.

Liam Doran
General Secretary, INO

Editorial - A new name for a new era
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