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Failure to Retain Survey (doctors and nurses/midwives)

F2R Project Summary

The Failure to Retain (F2R) Project aims to explore the emigration of health professionals (doctors and nurses/midwives) from Ireland. This project will begin by quantifying the extent of emigration of health professionals from Ireland in recent years and will then survey emigrant health professionals to ascertain;

    The factors influencing the decision to emigrate
    The key destination countries of emigrant health professionals
    The future plans of emigrant health professionals
    Any strategies that might encourage emigrant health professionals to return to practice in Ireland

The F2R Project is a collaborative project between researchers in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and the School of Nursing and Human Sciences in Dublin City University (DCU). This project is funded by an RCSI Seed Funding Award 2014.

While the emigration of health professionals has been highly publicised in the Irish media in recent years, a detailed understanding of health professional emigration is lacking. A better understanding of health professional emigration is essential for proper health human resources management and workforce planning.
The F2R Project aims to address this research gap.

F2R Project Survey

The F2R Project is currently conducting a survey of emigrant health professionals. This survey will be open from Monday June 30th for 4-6 weeks. If you are a doctor or nurse/midwife who practiced in Ireland but have now emigrated, we invite you to participate in the survey by clicking on the link below;

Furthermore, if you know of any emigrant health professionals who have practiced in Ireland and may be interested in responding to this survey, please forward on the link to this page to them or share on your own Facebook page or groups.

The F2R Research Team

For further information on the F2R Project, contact any member of our research team;

Dr. Niamh Humphries (Principle Investigator on the F2R Project)

Prof. Ruairí Brugha

Prof. Anne Matthews

Dr. Sara McAleese